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GTA 5 mobile – learn how everything you need to play this wonderful title on your mobile devices!

If you decided to pick one of the gta 5 mobile download links, then you know very well why our services are best in the world. However, before you carry on and enjoy mobile Grand Theft Auto 5, it is imperative to understand what features make our software unique. Number of advantages, in-built functions and other options that allow you to play gta 5 for android or iOS based devices. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at the most crucial features that make our gta 5 apk the best in the market.


If you decide to use one of the gta 5 download links for mobile version that we provide, you will receive a fully optimized and compatible game that doesn’t require any additional third party programs. What is more, thanks to optimization, you can hope for a very smooth gta 5 android gameplay for as long as you want. The same thing concerns iPhones, iPads and other iOS-based devices.

User-friendly interface

To make sure that you can keep the controls the way you like, this version of Grand theft Auto V mobile allows you to change the control settings and adjust the position. As a result, you can play the game on your phone without troubling controls.

Untouched graphics

In many cases programmers tend to worsen the quality of visuals just to make sure it runs smoothly. To make sure that you receive the same gaming experience as PC or console gamers, we managed to keep the visuals at the highest level while making the game optimized and ensuring that you can expect the same beauty as others. It also makes our gta v mobile one of the most adoring games on smartphones in the world.

Space-saving compression

PC or console version of the game is quite sizeable. For this reason many people wouldn’t be able to play the game simply because of its enormous space requirement. To make sure that everyone can try it out, we decided to compress some of the files in order to save up plenty of space. Thanks to the right coding and unnoticeable change in the quality of visuals and sound, we managed to keep the setting untouched.

All game modes ready for your use

Campaign story mode, online features, challenges and achievements. You can find all of these in our version as long as you decide to use gta 5 free download link. We made sure that it is a full package and that once you chose to download GTA 5 from our source, you will lay your hands on everything required to truly immerse in the world of Rockstar game.

The storyline and all side quests are there

You can play from the very beginning (including the prologue) and meet all the three characters. Besides that, you can also participate in side missions and additional tasks!

4 steps to enjoy gta 5 apk download

As you can guess, installing our app is very simple and does not require any third party programs or programming knowledge. What is more, you don’t have to worry about additional fees. The only thing you need to do is to install it on your mobile phone. However, to make sure that you do everything properly, we decided to create a step-by-step instruction for both gta 5 ios version as well as for those who wish to use android to play gta 5.


Use the Grand Theft Auto 5 Download links


Launch the .apk file


Complete verification


Enjoy Grand Theft Auto V Android or iOS!

AD 1. Mirrors located at the page redirect you to private servers. From there, it is possible to gain the .apk file, which is necessary for the further installation. Bear in mind that in spite of safety precautions, a lot of mobile phones are initially blocked to pages from which they can download content. The first page concerns Android phones and it is Goole Store. As far as iOS devices are concerned, App Store is the one iPhone users can use. That is why we have to enter settings and allow for downloads from different sources.

AD 2. Once you used gta 5 download links, you will have to launch the application. From this moment the installation process will automatically begin. Since the title has been compressed and its size is quite large, the entire process may take a while. Obviously, we should also bear in mind that we cannot restart the device even if we think it is not responding.

AD 3. When the installation is over, you can now launch the production. While loading, you might be asked to verify yourself. To do that, you just need to click the “ok” button. After that, wait for the application to redirect you to a new website. There, follow the buttons and complete the questionnaire. Bear in mind that the verification process is mandatory to launch the game.

AD 4. After the verification is ready, you need to restart the application. It is mandatory to save the settings and adjust all the other elements. Now you can load the game and enjoy gta v android or its ios version!

Why would you pick gta 5 android or ios version instead of PC?

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular every day. No wonder – the possibility to play anywhere you are make mobile devices more and more advanced and adjusted for very demanding mobile games. There are no longer mini productions like Snake or Tetris. From this moment onward, you can entertain yourself just like you would be playing on a PC for thousands of dollars or its console alternative. So, here is a list of few advantages over regular gaming equipment.

Friendly Interface

GTA V iOS or its Android counterpart allows you to play the title at any occasion. It means that you don’t have to worry about making the time for gaming. You can play while commuting, while waiting in queue, or while shopping. Every time you find a free few minutes, you can launch Grand Theft Auto V mobile and have fun.

Theme configuration as its finest

Mobile gaming can boast with extremely useful configurations. Although PC games can offer this as well, if you decide on picking our own GTA 5 mobile app, you will also be able to adjust every single element on the screen, making the steering and controls in the game the way you desire. You can even connect keyboard, console pad, or simply use taps!

Ideal performance

Contrary to what we see in other platforms, productions offered on mobile phones are in most cases very well optimized. Although they may drain battery quite fiercely, there will be no lags, no freezes, and no troubles with compatibility. There are only two eligible operating systems to choose from now and our version of the game works on both.

As entertaining, but much quicker

It doesn’t take for a game to load as long as in case of consoles or PCs. What is more, you won’t witness any troubles in launching the game. Let us not forget that the .apk file is a very simple to install.

Grand Theft Auto V – everything you need to know about the game

GTA is the series of action games that Rockstar Games company gave us. These productions are known around the world due to numerous controversies. However, innovations and great scenarios made Grand Theft Auto one of the most entertaining cycles around the world.

Although the premiere of the first version of the game took place in 2013, it was only in April 2015 when PC gamers could finally try out the most popular action production with sandbox world. After 5 years, there have been no more releases – neither for Wii nor mobile devices. Up until now. Thanks to our efforts, you will be able to delve into the storyline, get to know characters, and enjoy great history!

What is the plot all about? Contrary to what we saw earlier on, the authors decided to give us three main protagonists. Of course, to make things less chaotic, we get to know them one after one. It means that at the very beginning (not counting the prologue) we meet Franklin. He is a car enthusiast who at the same time earns some small numbers by stealing cars. One day he steals Michael’s car. As we later on learned, it was a mistake. However, that allowed these two to meet. After that, we familiarize ourselves with Trevor – a third character that is unlike any other figure.

The production introduces a number of novelties. One of the most interesting ones is the possibility to use special abilities. Each character offers us different skill that helps them out in specific situations. For example, we can activate Red Mist while playing Trevor, what will basically make him less vulnerable to damage and more deadly. Franklin receives Driving Focus that boosts his driving skills. Michael, on the other hand, can boast with a very popular and likeable Bullet Time, which basically slows down the time.

Rockstar Games is a studio that managed to introduce a lot of features to their latest production. For example, the shooting system has been improved. Let’s also remember about the game world. It is much bigger and offers us many places to visit. Noteworthy is the fact that this is Los Santos – a place we know from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We can even visit Grove Street, a legendary home of CJ.

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How is graphics in GTA 5 mobile?

As far as Grand Theft Auto series is concerned, the producers always offered us innovations in visuals, just like in the case of gameplay novelties and many other elements. That is why we receive here astonishing visuals. Rockstar Games focused on every single detail to make sure that not only animation and car damage is realistic. The physics, the surroundings, shadows, water, lightning – all the particles are well rendered. The developers made sure that we will admire the beauty of the game from the beginning to the very end of the game.

In case of other technicalities, we should also point out a number of radio stations that give you even more soundtrack than before. This is all waiting for you, so do not waste any more of your time and use GTA 5 Mobile that we are introducing you with!

Interesting facts regarding the title

There are plenty of easter eggs that the authors hid in GTA V. Several refers to GTA IV, some other to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. For example, while attending a mission for Lester, we will hear the conversation about mysterious Slav guy who could be a wonderful addition while robbing a bank. However, later on it turns out that he is no longer in Liberty City. Does it ring a bell?

Grove Street is an obvious connection between GTA V and San Andreas. However, while participating in Hood Safari, we can also witness three figures riding bikes. These characters look just like CJ, Big Smoke, and Ryder while trying to escape from Ballas. Of course bear in mind that it’s just a loose connection, since GTA V takes place 20 years after the events we witnessed in San Andreas.

There are obviously many other interesting facts that regard this particular production. Bear in mind that in order to witness them all, you have to be very careful while playing because some of the references are so loose and so minor that only diehard fans will notice them all.

Download GTA 5 MOBILE

Grand Theft Auto V Mobile is ready for you!

As you can see, the production offers us a bunch load of interesting facts and small Easter Eggs hidden all over the game. If you wanted to try it out on your mobile device, then here is your chance. Make use of our Grand Theft Auto 5 APK and enjoy wonderful game that gives you all the necessities that are required for proper launch on your phone.

This is an all-in package that introduces multiple languages to choose from, all the necessary files and of course the entire game – all game modes, all features, and all functions. There is no point in waiting. Just use it and have fun while playing!

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See it on your own eyes!

If you still feel like getting the game is pain in a neck, we encourage you to see for yourself a step-by-step instruction. In there, you can see every single step that we make. It includes the optional ones as well as troubling situations!

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Grand Theft Auto 5 on mobile phones and tablets is exactly the same production as for consoles and PCs. It means that you play the same way as before. Of course you need to adjust your control settings or, if you can, use gaming pad compatible with your phone.

Although it is difficult to find the legitimate source of GTA V apk, you can search for legitimate websites. These sources can boast with special green padlocks. What is more, pay attention to fast loading sites!

Usually it requires a device with iOS or Android that was released at least in the recent 5-7 years. It means that mobile version of GTA V does not require a very powerful mobile device.

If you simply look at the instruction above, you will notice a very clear and well-explained process of downloading.

It is not available via Google Store or Apple Store, so you will have to use one of the GTA 5 download links.

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