GTA 5 android gameplay – the differences and similarities


Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on phone is finally possible. The .apk file allows us to install full version of this cult instalment of the series and enjoy all its functions and features for as long as we adore. However, how different gta 5 mobile is from PC or console versions?

Today we would like to take a look at the most important elements of these two versions. Thanks to the access to gta 5 android version, we will present you all the differences and similarities one can notice in gta 5 for android. It is important to note that exactly the same version of the game is also available at iOS. So, without any further ado, let us compare the crucial elements of each game.

Storyline and scenario features

As far as the plot of the game is concerned, gta 5 ios or android version is no different from Grand Theft Auto V we could witness on PlayStation, Xbox or PC. It means that we will be able to participate in a prologue and then carry on with actual gameplay.

The lack of any differences is also noticeable in side missions. Since there are hundreds of them, we could have missed some slight discrepancies. Nevertheless, we can say that there are no lacking missions, quests, or tasks to complete. Everything remained the same. As a result, you can participate in every single activity once you use one of the gta 5 mobile download links.

What about the graphics?

If you use gta 5 apk from the legit source, then you can hope for a very good, almost the same visuals. Obviously, converting a game into a mobile version will almost always influence the graphics. Nevertheless, there are programmers that managed to make conversion in such delicate and perfect way that the differences in graphics are almost invisible. Yes, the details, shadows, and the texture generation seems to be less responsive. However, the smoothness is the same, the animation of the characters remained the same, and the entire production offers the same beautiful environment.

The size of a game differs as well

Mobile GTA 5 weighs much less than its PC or console counterpart. It is mostly caused by the compression ratio, which is significant. However, as a result of that, we can download gta 5 apk much quicker. The same goes for installation.

If you find the right gta 5 free download mirror, you won’t even notice any difference. It is all due to the professionalism of programmers that worked on iOS or Android Grand Theft Auto 5. Bear in mind that the installation may take more time due to the unpacking

What about controls?

The mechanics behind steering is the same. However, to make GTA V Mobile more intuitive, the authors adjusted controls in such way that we can customize tapping screen and choose the position of every button and knobs.

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