Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile – what should you know


GTA 5 mobile is finally available for everyone. It gives you the full version of single player and at the same time offers you access to all features and options. It even includes all the activities! Let us not forget about great graphics, intuitive controls, and mechanics that will surely surprise you. In overall, gta 5 android gameplay is almost exactly as the one on PCs and consoles.

What about online gaming? How does GTA 5 android work when it comes to multiplayer? Is it possible to launch GTA Online? Besides that, we will also answer many other frequently asked questions that regard gta 5 on phone.

Where to find gta 5 mobile download?

Since conversions of Grand Theft Auto 5 iOS or Android version are made mostly by the independent programmers, it is impossible to install the game via Google Store or Apple Store. It means that we have to look somewhere else. The easiest way will be to type the phrase gta 5 apk download in your search engine and look for legitimate websites.

How does gameplay look like?

GTA 5 apk allows you to install fully compatible version of the game on your iOS or Android device. It is supposed to give you all the options and features that the original release offered. That is why the gameplay is almost exactly the same. The only difference may be in the size of the game (especially when you get the .apk file from one of the available gta 5 download mirrors). What is more, slight discrepancies are also noticeable with graphics. However, they are so mild that many of you won’t even pick them up.

What about Internet connection?

Mobile gta 5 does not require from you Internet connection. It is all due to the fact that at this moment most of the releases offer you a single player campaign. It is both an advantage and disadvantage, since you don’t have to worry about your mobile data, but then again, you are not going to witness GTA Online-like gaming. Of course, you can still try and find the right application. However, if you manage to launch the game, you should stick with such release.

How does the steering look like?

Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android and for iOS offers us exactly the same very intuitive controls. We should remember that the adjustments are available only in case of several conversions. That is why it is crucial to choose such android gta 5 version that will offer you complete configuration of all the buttons and the layout on the screen.

As far as the steering while driving is concerned, it remained the same. Obviously, we can also plug in our keyboard or gaming pad and, as a result of that, enjoy the game without tapping the screen. In that way the entire production will be much more pleasing. Especially if you can find the right gta 5 download link with access to all the adjustable options.

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